Current version: 1.67Last update: 03/21/08
Complete package - Essential files - Japanese dictionaries - Chinese dictionaries - Example sentences - Vocabulary files

System requirements

  • Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
  • Japanese and Chinese fonts installed (recommended are: MS Mincho, MS Gothic, SimSun and MingLiU from Windows XP or Internet Explorer)
  • 128 MB RAM recommended
  • at least 800x600 resolution (1024x768 strongly recommended)

License information

Please read LICENSE.TXT, which is included in every download, before using this software.

Complete package

WaKan Complete Installer 1.67 (12/28/06) - 11 MB

This package contains everything needed to run .

Package contents:
WAKAN.EXE 1.67 (executable)
WAKAN.CHR 26SEP04 (character dictionary)
EDICT.DIC 10JUN05 (Japanese-English dictionary)
CEDICT.DIC 28APR03 (Chinese-English dictionary)
WAKAN.CHM (help file)

Essential files

WaKan executable 1.67 (6/2/05)

Latest version of the executable. Download this for a quick update.

Character dictionary (26SEP04) - 5 MB

Character dictionary for . Compiled from KANJIDIC & UNIHAN.

KANJIDIC © 2001-2003 The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, Monash University.
UNIHAN © 1996-2003 Unicode, Inc. All Rights reserved.

Character dictionary - TURKISH (26SEP04) - 5 MB

Character dictionary for . Translated into Turkish by Ilker Öztürk (

English help file (Updated 10/31/2004)

documentation in CHM format. English language version. Contains the first draft of the new "Getting Started" section, which will later be tied into a wizard.

Czech help file

documentation in CHM format. Czech language version was discontinued.

Japanese dictionaries

EDICT (main dictionary) 1.50+ (10JUN05) - 5 MB EDICT © 2001-2003 The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, Monash University

NEW! Contains word frequency information © Alexandre Girardi, Charles Kelly

EDICT update 17DEC07 - 7.01 MB
EDICT update 20MAR08 - 7.24 MB

If you use the update above, it is recommended that you move your current version of EDICT (edict.dic) to a backup directory, as there is a possibility of conflict when more than one version of EDICT is present in the WaKan directory.

WADOKU JITEN (Japanese-German dictionary) 1.50+ (18APR06) WADOKU JITEN © (C) 2003 Ulrich Apel - Konv. G.Lientschnig 211.300 DATENSAETZE

NOUVEAU! Dictionnaire japonais-français v0.5 (3APR09) Import of JMDICT French definitions © (C) 2001-2009 The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, Monash University

NUEVO! Diccionario japonés-español (23APR09) Gracias a LocomotionTV y Erochan del "Proyecto” y el "Proyecto Hispadic" por su excelente trabajo (todavía en proceso), en la traducción del ingles al español, del diccionario EDICT.
Instrucciones para instalar el diccionario y usar el programa WaKan en español

ENAMDICT (proper name dictionary) 1.50+ (10JUL05) - 10 MB

Dictionary of 300,000+ Japanese proper names.

ENAMDICT ©2001-2003 The Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group, Monash University

J_PLACES (Japanese place names) 1.50+ (19AUG03) - 3 MB J_PLACES ©

SCICOMP (compendium of scientific dictionaries) 1.50+ (26SEP04) - 4 MB


For copyright information see enclosed DOCS folder.

BUDDHDIC (dictionary of Buddhism) 1.50+ (19AUG03) BUDDHDIC © Chuck Miller, Jim Breen

CLASSICAL (dictionary of classical Japanese) 1.50+ (01MAY00) BUDDHDIC © Glenn Rosenthal

JDDICT (Japanese-German dictionary) 1.50+ (21JUL94) JDDICT © Helmut Goldenstein, Mark Edwards

Chinese dictionaries

CEDICT (main dictionary) 1.50+ (28APR03) CEDICT © 1997, 1998 Paul Andrew Denisowski

WARNING: If you downloaded this file before 9/26/04, please download it again. There were some errors in it.

Cantonese Dictionary (updated 12MAR05) Part of CEDICT with Cantonese readings from CantoDict.
CEDICT © 1997, 1998 Paul Andrew Denisowski; CantoDict © 2004 Adam Sheik
The Cantonese readings are given at the beginnings of the English definition strings, so they show up in the Translation columns of the Dictionary window and the Compounds pane of the Characters window. Search for them as you would search for English words or phrases in both windows (I realize that this is counterintuitive, but this is just a workaround at this point). This file has not been tested much yet; please post testing comments in the forum.

HANDEDICT (Chinese-German dictionary) (27APR06) HANDEDICT ©

Example sentence databases

Japanese Example Sentences (08NOV06) - 8 MB

Database of thousands of example sentences for dictionary words with english translations. Works with wakan 1.48+.

EXAMPLES File is Public Domain
More info

Japanese Vocabulary files

Japanese For Everyone 1-7 Vocabulary from textbook "Japanese for Everyone", lessons 1-7.

JLPT Levels 4, 3 and 2 Vocabulary for Japanese Language Proficiency Tests.

Verb Lists (contributed by Tom Hodgers) Contents
EssentialVerbs.csv (300+ essential verbs, categorized by conjugation group and transitive/intransitive)
EssentialVerbs_noCategories.csv (same as above, but not divided into categories)
OtherVerbs.csv (500+ more verbs; categorized)
OtherVerbs_noCategories.csv (same as above, but not categorized)
SuruVerbs.csv (500+ stems which form verbs by adding suru)

Basic Phrases (contributed by Tom Hodgers) 200+ common phrases.

Jinmei Kanji (contributed by Tom Hodgers) Kanji used in spelling personal names and place names.

Chinese Vocabulary files

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) Test (Updated 24 Nov 2004) Vocabulary for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (Chinese Proficiency Test): 7969 entries.
Categories: Level 1 (easiest), Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 (hardest).
(Note: Requires version 1.65+ of . Some definitions contain hanzi, which will not display correctly in the vocabulary grid in 1.65 .)

DeFrancis Beginning Chinese 1-12 Vocabulary for the first half of the text "Beginning Chinese" by DeFrancis
(Note: Requires version 1.65+ of . Some PinYin strings contain blanks, commas or semicolons, which display in the vocabulary grid as question marks in 1.65 .)

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