Current version: 1.67Last update: 03/21/08


  • Unified interface for Japanese and Chinese.
  • EXPERIMENTAL - Popup tool that displays translation for text on screen. Works with many Windows applications (like Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Microsoft Word, etc.))]
  • Simple Japanese text editor with automatic kanji conversion and dictionary entry display for inputted words
  • Editor displays meaning of words and characters as you browse through the file
  • Character dictionary with many search options (searching by kun or on reading, PinYin reading, radicals, stroke count, Unicode code, Jouyou grade, SKIP code and FourCornerCode)
  • Automatic Japanese text translator - adds furigana to every kanji in text and tries to display the meaning of each word
  • Printing of annotated text including furigana and word meaning hints, traditional vertical right-to-left printing is also possible
  • You can completely avoid Roman letters (except when inputting words) or you can display everything in Roman letters as you want
  • Program supports three Japanese Romanization systems (English - Hepburn, Japanese - Kunreisiki and Czech) for inputting words
  • Program supports three Chinese Romanization systems (PinYin, Wade-Giles and Yale), phonetics can also by displayed in BoPoMoFo
  • Toneless Chinese searching (you do not need to type the tone numbers in order to locate a word)
  • Character searching by several radicals (if you do not know which part of the character is the radical) and stroke count range (if you cannot determine the exact stroke count)
  • Printing character cards - great tool for memorizing characters
  • Wealth of information about each character - character usage frequency, Jouyou grade, etc.
  • Character dictionary includes about 20,000 characters, simplified variant is shown for traditional characters (simplified characters are used in mainland China).
  • Displaying word compounds for each character (words that contain selected character)
  • Searching as you type - both character dictionary and word dictionary display results immediately as you type
  • Locates inflected forms of verbs, adjectives and adverbs
  • Intelligent ordering of search results (according to frequency of usage, etc.)
  • Vocabulary management - you can organize words you want to learn in different vocabulary categories
  • You do not need to install IME to be able to use this software. Romanized input is converted internally by the program
  • Can be used with any EDICT-format dictionary

Planned improvements

  • Automatic conversion between traditional and simplified characters (for learning Chinese).
  • Advanced editor features: search & replace, multiple files...
  • Character searching wizards for SKIP and FCC.
  • Advanced dictionary filtering options.

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